Meet Sue! Sue has been attending training workshops with us now for around 2 years. Sue has built her confidence up over this time and decided to start some English sessions. English was something that Sue was very anxious about learning as she had gone through her life not being able to read and write and didn't think she would be able to learn.

A few months in and for the first time in her life she has been learning how to read and write. Our tutor Sharon is so pleased with her achievements. Sue has even typed up the words that she has been learning! We are so proud of Sue and the journey that she has been on with us.






Meet Jake! Jake attends our gardening workshops in Hailsham, he works extremely hard and even pops over on a Saturday to make sure the plants are watered. Jake was very shy and lacking in confidence when he first started with us and he was desperate to find a job. He told us that he had been to several interviews but unfortunately had been turned down due to his lack of confidence, however after working closely with us, 5 months later, Jake has secured a job! He is going to be undertaking an apprenticeship working with a school as a groundskeeper which is right up his street! Jake is thrilled with his new role and we are very proud of him!

Jake says:

Attending the gardening workshops twice a week has really helped me, before I had several interviews but due to confidence issues I didn't get the jobs. Coming to the gardening has helped me to get the experience I need by learning new skills about plants and crops. It is easy to get to the allotment and its not a huge group so it makes it easier for me. I would love to come back in on my day off and see how everything is doing.

Find out more information about our gardening workshops or call 01323 887199



David was a volunteer at Now! Charity and our resident art expert!

He attends our weekly Splash of Colour workshops and continues to produce brilliant pieces which are often on display around our office! Art has developed into a passion for David and he credits it with being like a therapy for him and a way of keeping his mind busy.

Before he met us, David was quite withdrawn and spent most of his time at home. Once he started coming to the workshops he became more confident and, although naturally a quiet person, he found the atmosphere around the place to be relaxed and informal, and he now feels more comfortable opening up to new people.

David has come such a long way that he now also volunteers for us. Every Friday afternoon, he can be seen doing a wide variety of jobs around the building and his work ethic is a credit to him. He is undoubtedly a valued member of the team

David says:

“Training Now! has given me back my self-worth. It has given me the opportunity to meet new people and provided a platform to develop and share my creative skills. Being able to volunteer for the charity has given me a feeling of immense satisfaction and I am delighted to be able to do something worthwhile,”



Jason now has a full-time position at the Now! Charity.

Before he met us, Jason had felt that he had nowhere to turn. He was desperate and had shut himself off from the world. In his previous jobs, he had felt alone and isolated with no support and felt that nobody cared about him.

His journey with us started with doing short 2 hour workshops. Through his interaction with people his confidence started to grow and he began to trust the community again. With renewed self-esteem, he was then able to become a volunteer for us.

We are so proud of Jason and were delighted that his new confidence and skills secured him a job part-time as a Gardener for Willingdon Trees Community Centre.

Thanks to the generosity of some sponsors we have now been able to offer Jason a full time customer service apprenticeship with us which he started in October 2016. He will be completing his second apprenticeship in July and we are pleased to be taking Jason on as a full-time member of staff from then onwards.

Jason says:

“I have made more friends here with Training Now! than I had over the last 6 years. Everyone is so friendly and it is like a close-knit family which welcomes any individual with open arms.”

We strive to help as many people as possible and we were humbled when Jason added, “Training Now! is the best thing that has ever happened to me; it literally saved my life!”


Sharon is a wonderful teacher at Training Now! - helping unemployed people with maths and English. Her story is amazing...

She initially came to Now! Charity with her mum and hid behind her most of the time as they sorted out donated clothes. She suffered with severe anxiety, trusted nobody and her self-confidence and self-esteem were at rock bottom.

Sharon says:

"I have been on an incredible journey with Training Now! and I am now teaching again. I really thought my training days were over before I came along and volunteered. Training Now! is the reason I get up in the morning. It is a life line and now my second family, I can't imagine life without Training Now!"

As Sharon's confidence built, she attended unemployment training courses in our Eastbourne Training Centre and is now a much loved and respected teacher at Training Now!

She is changing how people feel about maths and English - she shows unemployed people that they can do it after all. In the right supportive environment anybody can achieve anything!