The Now! Charity has taken steps to enhance its social presence across East Sussex by joining The Good Business Club.

The Good Business Club was co-founded by Sara Osterholzer and Ruth Anslow in November 2018 to inspire, support and connect local social entrepreneurs through a network of like-minded people.

The Problem

There are hundreds of people in Greater Brighton doing ‘business for good’ and people enabling those who do ‘business for good’, but they are dispersed and hard to find if you don’t know where to look. And when people are disconnected they end up struggling on their own with their obstacles and challenges and it holds them back from starting, running or growing their social enterprise. It results in a lot of untapped potential and missed opportunities to create economic & social value in the city.

The Solution

We have a passion for connecting people. When people are connected they can share their experience, opportunities and contacts in return for the same support from others in their network. We believe collaboration is the key to a thriving social enterprise sector and work in partnership with business support organisation across Greater Brighton to utilise existing resources and enhancing offerings.

The Good Business Club is an extension of the ‘Brighton and Hove Social Enterprise Network’ that has evolved over the years and which was, until recently, held by The Platform’s Social Enterprise team.