Help us raise up to £4,000 with Tesco Bags of Help!

We are pleased to announce that we will be one of three charities you can vote for at a number of Tesco stores in Eastbourne, Pevensey and Polegate throughout July and August!

Bags of Help is Tesco’s local community grant scheme.  The money raised by the sale of carrier bags is being used to fund thousands of local projects in communities right across the UK.

The charity that receives the most votes will win a £4,000 grant. Second place will get £2,000 and third will get £1,000.

What will we do with the money?

The funds we win will be used for a very specific project called Crafty Companions.

Crafty Companions will give isolated lonely Eastbourne residents a reason to leave their homes and come and socialise. The friendly crafty sessions will involve creating items such as knitted hats and blankets for stillborn babies, card making, jewellery making and furniture painting, as well as artwork to help release emotions and overcome traumatic events and more.


 The sessions will be 2 hours long and run at times of the day when people feel the safest to leave their homes. Isolation is a huge issue for Eastbourne  – there are over 5,000 sickness benefits claimants who cannot afford to eat out, visit local places of interest or attend the theatre or cinema.


 We will run a whole series of workshops to engage with this group, some of whom we have worked with previously. Crafts is an area where all people can learn and participate without feeling they are inadequate.


 As residents begin to attend they will gradually increase their self-confidence and realise their circumstances are not unusual. Peer friendships will form and they will move towards going out of their homes for a variety of other reasons.


 Agrophobia is a very common outcome for sickness benefit claimants and this project will provide a safe, non-judgemental route for them to start returning to happy community living. Perhaps even towards volunteering or work. We can offer volunteering opportunities within the safe environment of the training centre to help overcome the anxiety of this progression, as well as other support services which will assist in these very first steps back into society.


The local community can only benefit once these residents start to re-engage – they will be more willing to get involved in their local area, start contributing to local life and the local economy too!

How can you vote?

It couldn’t be easier! Every time you shop, you will be given a token with each transaction (please ask if you aren’t given one automatically!). You then simply go to the voting unit in the store and drop it into your chosen charity’s section.

Shop online? Not to worry, you can bring your receipt to your nearest store, show it to a member of staff and they will give you a token.

Where can I vote?

At any of these Tesco stores:

  • Tesco Extra – Eastbourne – BN23 6QD
  • Tesco Express – Eastbourne – BN21 4UJ
  • Tesco Metro – Eastbourne – BN22 9NG
  • Tesco Superstore – Eastbourne – BN23 7RT
  • Tesco Express – Eastbourne – BN20 7RH
  • Tesco Express – Eastbourne – BN21 3PA
  • Tesco Express – Eastbourne – BN22 0PS
  • Tesco Express – Pevensey – BN24 5DZ
  • Tesco Express – Polegate – BN26 5DD
  • Tesco Express – Eastbourne – BN22 7RH

This is a simple way to make a huge difference to Now! Charity and the work we do in the local community – thank you! 😀

To find out more about Tesco Bags of Help visit

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