Donkey Calendar, Donkeys, Fundraising


We have released our first ever calendar to raise funds for Now! Charity Group’s work in supporting our East Sussex community.

The calendar features a selection of our beautiful donkeys and is just £10 plus £1.50 postage (or free collection from Eastbourne via the Training Now! centre – Unit 2a Britland Estate, Northbourne Road, Eastbourne, BN22 8PW Call: 01323 887 199).

Please buy your 2018 Calendar here.

Order by 15th December to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas.


The calendar was conceived over an afternoon tea discussion about the ever increasing demand for the charity’s services in a climate of reducing funding. Huge thanks to Alison Mathias and Kristi Cox for being the inspiration behind this idea. Our Chief Executive (Petrina Mayson) happens to own five adorable donkeys which was handy! When we met James Astell of The Sustainable Print Company then was concept became a reality. Thanks to the generosity of these people all proceeds of these calendars will go to helping change lives in East Sussex.

Donkey Calendar, Donkeys, Fundraising

Meet the donkeys:

Donkey Calendar, Donkeys, FundraisingJessie: Loves brambles and eating fences. Good at football and stealing the yard brush or tipping the wheel barrow over. He is always first and up to mischief. Our leggy baby donkey is the noisiest of them all. Jessie is a diva who loves attention and fuss but is still learning how to behave.




Donkey Calendar, Donkeys, FundraisingDylan: Loves sticky weed and mints (and dressing up and having his photo taken!). Good at giving kisses and throwing wellies. He is always planning something naughty. His special feature is his wonky nose – real wonky donkey. Dylan is cheeky and lovable.




Donkey Calendar, Donkeys, FundraisingDougal: Loves thistles and ginger biscuits. Good at impressions of Elvis. He is always with Dylan and looking for a cuddle. Special feature is his handsome looks. Dougal has a gentle nature and loves a chat.




Donkey Calendar, Donkeys, FundraisingMabel: Loves nettles and dandelions. Good at listening to your problems. Always backs into you asking for a bottom rub. Has slipping kneecaps and comes off the New Forest originally. She is Dougal’s mum and her bray sounds like a duck! She is a gentle girl with great manners who always wants to please you.




Donkey Calendar, Donkeys, FundraisingMillie II: Loves carrots and cow parsley. She is good at cuddles and kisses. Always with Mabel and appears quietly next to you. She is our prettiest donkey with her pinky colouring. She is a gentle, cuddly, young girl who loves being brushed and talked too and has lovely manners.





Special thanks to ‘The Long Man Morris Men’ for their involvement. They always welcome new members and can be found at:  

Thank you to everyone for supporting us!

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