Meet Jake! Jake attends our gardening workshops in Hailsham, he works extremely hard and even pops over on a Saturday to make sure the plants are watered. Jake was very shy and lacking in confidence when he first started with us and he was desperate to find a job. He told us that he had been to several interviews but unfortunately had been turned down due to his lack of confidence, however after working closely with us, 5 months later, Jake has secured a job! He is going to be undertaking an apprenticeship working with a school as a groundskeeper which is right up his street! Jake is thrilled with his new role and we are very proud of him!

Jake says:

Attending the gardening workshops twice a week has really helped me, before I had several interviews but due to confidence issues I didn’t get the jobs. Coming to the gardening has helped me to get the experience I need by learning new skills about plants and crops. It is easy to get to the allotment and its not a huge group so it makes it easier for me. I would love to come back in on my day off and see how everything is doing.