Jason works for the Now! Charity. 

Before he met us, Jason had felt that he had nowhere to turn. He was desperate and had shut himself off from the world. In his previous jobs, he had felt alone and isolated with no support and felt that nobody cared about him.

His journey with us started with doing short 2 hour workshops. Through his interaction with people his confidence started to grow and he began to trust the community again. With renewed self-esteem, he was then able to become a volunteer for us.

We are so proud of Jason and were delighted that with his new confidence and skills secured him a job part-time as a Gardener for Willingdon Trees Community Centre.

Thanks to the generosity of some sponsors we were able to offer Jason a Customer Service Apprenticeship, progressing to a full-time position in July 2019.

Jason says:

“I have made more friends here with Now! Charity than I had over the last 6 years. Everyone is so friendly and it is like a close-knit family which welcomes any individual with open arms.”

We strive to help as many people as possible and we were humbled when Jason added 

“Now! Charity is the best thing that has ever happened to me; it literally saved my life!”