On 5th January 2018 our Hailsham store was broken in to, we believe, in the early hours of the morning.
The shop was closed in the morning while the forensic team were investigating. We remain hopeful that they will find the person/people responsible for this.

Petrina Mayson, CEO of Now! Charity Group Ltd says: ‘How desperate must they be to attack a small local charity whose purpose is to support people living in poverty. The most upsetting thing is that now we have to use our limited funds to repair the shop rather than supporting someone in our community to learn to read/write/count or give those in crisis an emergency support pack.’

We ask that if anyone saw anything suspicious last night around the Grenadier pub in Hailsham high street that they please let the police know.

More information about the Now! Charity Group

There are two main parts to our charity, Furniture Now! and Training Now! Both are designed to help members of our local community to get back on their feet, feel happy and get back into work. We have five premises across Eastbourne, Lewes and Hailsham in East Sussex. Our focus is on helping East Sussex residents facing any disadvantage such as poverty, lack of qualifications or health issues.

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