The Now! Charity Group is delighted to welcome Edible Eastbourne as a Project for Good.

Edible Eastbourne is a local Gardening group that brings together community members of all ages from the Eastbourne area. The Edible Eastbourne concept was born in 2014 with a mission to raise awareness of the importance of locally sourced and grown food, whilst encouraging residents to grow their own.

The Now! Charity Group and Edible Eastbourne are set to increase more local and healthy produce growing in public spaces, enabling residents to participate in planting, growing, and maintaining multiple gardens. We understand the importance of getting people involved in a fun and healthy hobby that benefits the community and the environment in a positive way.

Michael Ryan, CEO of the Now! Charity Group said “The community arm of Now! plays an integral part of our ‘group’ approach and we are delighted to welcome Edible Eastbourne as an additional Now! Charity Project for Good. When I met Sara and the Edible Eastbourne team, I immediately saw their passion for championing sustainable, healthy lifestyles. At the Now! Charity Group, we consistently seek like minded partner organisations who can provide benefits to people within our community and I look forward to welcoming more exciting projects.”


In line with positive developments, the Now! Charity Group is set to actively participate in the Eastbourne Food Partnership where, Sara Latimer, Founder of Edible Eastbourne is already a member. The Eastbourne Food Partnership is working towards Sustainable Food Cities accreditation, which helps the town develop a resilient, sustainable local food system. The Food Partnership aims to help increase access to fresh, low cost or free healthy food for everyone.

The Now! Charity Group and Edible Eastbourne are set to deliver their work against 8 key priorities;

  1. Running local food projects
  2. Setting up community growing spaces and orchards
  3. Initiating, advising and assisting local groups wanting to set up community growing spaces and food projects
  4. Raising awareness of the importance of locally grown and produced food
  5. Assisting in the establishment of a local food network and promoting local food
  6. Working with local authorities to establish a process and licences for community food projects
  7. Working in partnership with communities, schools, colleges, community groups, charities and other local organisations to increase the opportunities for everyone in the community to have access to local food
  8. Conducting outreach activities and workshops in communities and schools across town to help establish local networks and community representatives

Sara Latimer, Founder of Edible Eastbourne said “Edible Eastbourne are really pleased to be working with Now Charity group at this key time for local food with an increased interest in more sustainable lifestyle choices and food security. We are looking forward to widening our reach and engaging more people around these subjects. We hope that this partnership will assist us to deliver on our identified priorities and create more edible landscapes and food projects around Eastbourne for everyone to enjoy. We welcome volunteers in a variety of roles and invite people to support our cause, help us to create an Incredible Community.”

For more information please contact a member of the Now! Charity Community Support Team. 

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