Tom is a Partner at Future Proof, a CIC which helps non-profits become closer to the people and places that matter most. Reaching more people, understanding impact, securing funding, building relationships, having a positive impact, creating meaningful and sustainable outcomes – all things the people Tom works with ask him to look at.

With Future Proof, Tom works with charities, sport foundations, businesses, and many others to help measure, communicate and talk about the impact and value of what they do. Measuring impact, interviewing beneficiaries, engaging industry stakeholders, creating annual reports – Future Proof captures the numbers and crafts the stories that attract partners, interest funders, and engage those in need.

Tom also leads the development of his own GoSketch programme that fuses sport and creativity to inspire young people to be more confident on the pitch and in the classroom. Ultimately, Tom wishes people to see the opportunities that exist in the sport and creative sectors and to have the ambition, commitment and motivation to start down that path.

Before Future Proof, Tom created and delivered strategies, projects and reporting programmes within the aviation industry and on a freelance basis with some of the UK's best CSR reporting agencies.

Tom joined the Now! Charity board in February 2019.