Why do we operate a two-tier pricing policy? 

No member of our society should be without a bed to sleep on at night, a chair to sit on or access to a washing machine to wear clean clothes. Sadly, this is a reality for many people. A key part of our mission is to eradicate economic inequality, making essential household items financially accessible to everyone. Our two-tier pricing policy improves the odds for thousands of people on low-incomes, restoring dignity and ensuring their living standards improve.

How is our two-tier pricing structured? 

Goods at our stores are listed with two prices standard and discount. A discount price can be accessed by; 

  • Visitors who claim financial support
  • Students 
  • Visitors in employment earning £17,000 per annum or less.

This is an example of how a pricing ticket will appear on an item at a Furniture Now! store 

Our access to high-quality furniture and dedication to customer service ensures that every visitor to our stores leaves satisfied. Our standard tier price still provides excellent value for money, with our high-quality goods cheaper than all mainstream furniture and electrical suppliers on the high street. 

How do I prove I qualify for the discount price?

In order to qualify for discount pricing, evidence must be supplied to a member of staff in the form of; 

Welfare support 

  • Confirmation letter or email 


  • Student ID card

In employment earning £17,000 per annum or less 

  • Copy of payslip 
  • Copy of contract of employment 

Sharing the above documents with a member of our store team shall be managed briefly and respectfully. Ensuring your right to privacy is fully upheld. 

Does two-tier pricing effect the cost of my delivery?

Yes, items purchased at our discount price also qualify for a reduced delivery charge. Please speak to a member of staff in-store for more details.

Does the two-tier pricing apply to new goods? 

At present, our two-tier pricing structure only applies to secondhand items.

I am a resident who earns just above your discount price threshold, I cannot afford the standard price, can you help?

Our charity fully understands that financial inequality can occur in all walks of life. If you do not meet our criteria to qualify for discount pricing but are unable to purchase goods at standard pricing, please request to speak to a store manager or contact us prior to your visit via [email protected]. Our team shall be happy to help, we discuss extraordinary arrangements confidentially on a case by case basis.  

I am an organisation who furnishes multiple properties, can I purchase furniture from you in bulk?

Yes, the Now! Charity has a successful history servicing multiple large furniture contracts across East Sussex. These include;

  • East Sussex County Council Discretionary Support Scheme 
  • East Sussex County Council Syrian Refugee Settlement Fund 
  • East Sussex County Council Keywork Fund 
  • Brighton and Hove City Council Social Fund
  • YMCA DownsLink Group 
  • NHS Sussex 

To discuss requirements please contact our team via [email protected]

If you require further information about our two-tier pricing system, please contact our team.

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