We partner with corporate businesses 

The Now! Charity works collaboratively with businesses across East Sussex to help achieve them achieve their CSR outcomes. 

What is CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility aims to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact. 

  • Do you have a CSR policy and are seeking organisations to help you deliver this? 
  • Would you like to build a CSR policy or raise your companies profile in the local community? 
  • Are you in the process of tendering for a charity of the year? 
  • Would you like your employees to give time to a valuable cause? 

If any of the above applies to your business, the Now! Charity is perfectly placed to assist. 

We partner with other non-profit organisations

Do you operate a charity, CIC or social enterprise which tackles one of our three key areas?  

1. Eradicating Household Waste 

2. Reducing financial Inequality

3. Promoting Social Inclusion 

We would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you, widening our means of support and collectively enhancing our ability to impact on more people in need. 

We partner with social entrepreneurs 

The Now! Charity has a passion for people and social impact driven enterprise.

  • Do you have an idea which could improve the lives of people in your local community? 
  • Are you keen to turn this passion into a new project or a startup business?
  • Would support accessing funding, office space and business mentorship prove valuable? 

Working in partnership with the Now! Charity can turn your ethical dream into a reality. Contact our team today who would be glad to help you on your journey. 

Enquire about partnerships